The Ground Floor

I recently moved back to my old stomping grounds after many years away. My mother, two brother, husband, and I all packed up and left Klamath Falls and headed to Salem. This left my husband and me jobless, looking for work. After a few days back we stopped in at the flooring store of a man, Bob “Bobby”, my husband knew back when he was installing floors in the Salem area – he was hoping to find work with the man. Unfortunately business has been slow and there were no installation jobs available but Bobby was installing a shower in the master bathroom of his country home and needed a good “tile man” which would be my husband, Jeff.

In the weeks that followed we got to know Bobby and talked a lot about the flooring business, his store, and his trips to the Philippines. Bobby has been to the Philippines quite a few times and loves the people and the land there, and he loves talking about them. In our many talks it has come about that Bobby may be open to taking on partners at his store. At first I was apprehensive, I know nothing about flooring except that you walk on it and I like some kinds better than others, but my husband, the flooring installer, sees this as a golden opportunity. For him, I decided to leave my mind open to the possibility. The more Bobby talks about flooring, though, the more interested I become. Bobby gets a gleam in his eye when he talks about these things and his excitement is infectious.

So, here I am, immersing myself in the flooring business and enjoying it completely. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. And I have to admit, I love hearing Bobby’s stories and clips of wisdom. Just yesterday he was telling me about cleaning products but that is for another post.

Carpet Crafters

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