My House in Florida After Wilma

The front didn’t get it as bad as the back100_0816









Wilma took the shed but left everything inside,
it was a freaky thing to behold


She also took the wooden fence and some stucco




The neighbors got power back after a week, thanks to this damaged riser, we had to wait another week or so



An FPL worker, the happiest day of the aftermath, POWER! South Florida without AC is not fun (and a little stinky – I mean sticky)


I love Florida but…hurricanes are scary…I’m going home.


What I did with some of the profit I made with “swampland”




Season’s Over


Last week I turned the TV to the SciFi Network to catch Stargate Atlantis. only to realize the season had ended the week before. How did I not realize it? If I had only been aware I would have savored it more. Now what am I going to do for my Stargate fix? But wait, there’s a movie? Are you serious? stagate aotGet me to Best Buy, that’s another two hours of one of my favorite vises. 


 Stargate: Ark of Truth
Great movie. Well worth what I paid for it. If you’re a Stargate fan, don’t miss this one. The movie takes SG-1 deep into the heart of the Ori galaxy to the Ori home world.  It takes place between seasons 9 and 10, after they sent the weapon through the super gate to wipe out the Ori.


Getting Out of Debt

credit_0.jpgWhat if you owed $100,000 to credit cards. And what if the best job you could get was a part time minimum wage job because you had been convicted of a crime? You’re living with the folks because you barely make enough to pay the minimum due on the cards. You’ll never get out of debt, right?

Now what if someone came along and told you he wanted to pay your debt and wipe away your bad history so you could start a new life? And the only thing you had to do was trust that he wanted to do this for you because he loves you. Hard to believe right?

That’s exactly what Jesus did. He paid our debt of sin. He took it all to the cross and all He asks in return is that you trust Him, that you have faith in Him.

I can’t help but love a man like that. And trusting Him is the easiest thing I do everyday.