7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. A day in the life of a Church Secretary is a full one. Full of joys and frustrations and quite a bit of work. The more I manage to get done in the day the more the Pastor seems to give me to do. The church can’t afford to pay more than a part time secretary so I have to try to get it all done in 4 hours but sometimes I have to stay after. I don’t mind because I see it as part of my ministry (but I sure could use the extra money for all those hours.) Tomorrow is Sunday. If you are a member of a church, please let the secretary know how much s/he is appreciated.

  2. Life in ministry is full and rewarding.
    The retirement benefits are great and the Boss is perfect. Working for God, could it get any better? O.K., so the people can be difficult sometimes but hey, their human right. Yes, Christians are human. People think that Christians are hypocrites because they don’t “practice what they preach.” Somehow we’re supposed to be perfect just because we’re Christian. We all know that part of being Christian is to be caring and kind, to love our enemies-but just because we have reached out and grabbed that cup of salvation doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to make mistakes. We must strain against sin but make no mistake we are sinners. We must learn to love each other in spite of our sins, not drive people away with our condemnation. And when one says “I do it this way” while another say “but I do it that way,” don’t let it drive a wedge between the two. Revel in our differences. God made us each different from the other for the same reason that nature is made of millions of colors – He loves diversity.
    May the Lord always light the path you’re on.

  3. Perfectly stated and I wish more people would see that we are all unalike and all on various levels of understanding Gods word. Too many today are setting “their” patterns for the church and condemning others who disagree or havent yest understood things as they….

  4. You are so right the most important commandments that Jesus gave us was to Love Him …. and love others….. It all points back to love.
    I so try to remember this in what I do. If I think I’m doing something for Him and serving Him and if it does not point back to these two commands I need to just stop it.

  5. Hey everybody! I thought, since this section is called “A Day in the Life” maybe I should give you a glimpse of a day in the life of a secretary.

    I’ll start with today.
    I get to work and the Pastor tells me that he needs 25 copies of a mini Bible study we have called “What Does Jesus Want You to Do.” This is not a book I can go down to the local Christian book store to buy, oh no – I have to print out the pages and then staple it all together. Have you ever used a book stapler? They don’t work so well. Half the time the staple doesn’t go through the paper, or it doesn’t even come all the way out of the stapler. Seriously, who makes these things? Anyway, he wants these 25 copies before I leave today (I bet you he knew last week that he’d need them today.) Then he says, as he walks into his office, “oh, and by the way did I tell you there’s a staff meeting in an hour, I told you, right” “no” “I must have told you, you just forgot.” -You really have to have a good humor to be a secretary, I mean Ministry Assistant.- So this meeting takes 2 hours. By the time it’s over, the book is done printing but I still have to put it together with the very uncooperative stapler, and I’ve got less than an hour before the women’s Bible study begins (I’m also Women’s Ministry Director). I also need to get him a copy of the schedule for the Evangelism Conference he’s going to, plus directions to the conference, and directions to the hotel, and directions from the hotel to the conference (fortunately, all these can be obtained online within 20 minutes). This wasn’t even a very busy day, catch me on a Friday before a business meeting – nobody ever turns their reports in before the last day.
    You want to know a secret? I loved it – it’s the slow boring days that I can’t stand. And the Pastor’s really a great guy who spoils his secretary. He’s just used to me getting everything done somehow, no matter how much he gives me.

  6. Wow! That is one thing i have noticed is that secretaries, errr mean Administrative Assistants, do alot more work then we realize. With them there would be chaos in the church thats for sure.

  7. Another day in the life.

    It’s been a while.
    Things are heating up at the church. Those of us in leadership wanted to move our church in a direction that would renew the church and help it be more effective in reaching people. Unfortunately we had to hold a business meeting to vote on the opportunity to invite a consultant that would help us through the process. Everything seemed as if it was going to go through. What we didn’t know is that there was a splinter group plotting to block the vote from passing. They managed to block it by one vote. Now we’re stuck picking up the pieces from such an underhaded act by people that are supposed to be Christian. If you’re reading this, please pray for our church.

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