Who is a Christian?

I started this blog in the hopes of building relationships with Christians and non Christians. I wanted something I could use to lead people to a relationship with Jesus. But I have found something in the Christian community that bothers me. Recently I have come across some Christians that insist that a person couldn’t be a Christian if they were baptized in any denomination other than theirs .

For example, because I was baptized in a Southern Baptist church, I am not a Christian-even though I repented of my sins, prayed for God’s forgiving grace, got baptized (by immersion), and live a life that (I hope) reflects Jesus. I follow every command that Jesus gave, which is why I was baptized (because He commanded it). I do my best to carry out the Great Commission (I’m a bit shy). I serve the Lord in my church. I love Jesus more than anything. I don’t understand why some believe that where I attend church could possibly determine my relationship with God. Do I have to believe that the water in the baptismal washed away my sins? To me that is blaspheme. To me that would imply that the work Jesus did on the cross was not enough. Is baptism optional? NO! And there is no baptist church I know of that would teach such a ridiculous idea.

As Christians we are to be obedient, that means being baptized, that means being obedient to everything He said. Can you find scriptures that say to believe and be baptized? YES. Can I find scriptures that say we are saved by faith only? YES. What does that mean? I DON”T KNOW. But I was obedient. That is what should matter. We can not understand everything. All we can do is continue to study His word, fellowship with each other, love one another, help one another, serve Him faithfully – until He returns.

What is the ONE church? For me it is not a building, nor any denomination – it is ALL of us. All of us who believe and are baptized, are the church. Over 70% of Americans claim Jesus as Lord, but we spend so much time bickering over little differences in understanding, that we have let the liberals take over the country. Now the minority are telling us what is good and right. The minority tells us to keep our Jesus to ourselves. What might happen if we stopped fighting each other and started converting the liberals?

Blessed is the nation whose god is the LORD!

Pamela, child of God, proud to be a CHRISTIAN