Overuse of the "F" Word

    I have always argued that “foul” language is in the ears of the listener. 

It has always been my sincere belief that if a person is offended by a particular word, it is that person’s problem and should not be held against the speaker of that word.  After watching one of my favorite shows, though, I think I have to change my mind and lay the blame squarely on the writers. What kind of writer can’t come up with more than one curse word to use during an entire hour of screen time.  I mean, come on, “frak this” and “are you out of your fraking mind” and even “pity frak.”  I would wager that the word is used a minimum of nine times an episode and seems to be the only expletive this space faring military has invented. Seriously? They have advanced to faster than light travel but every other word is an expletive – the SAME expletive?!battlestar_galactica

   On a more serious note: should we worry that the network is softening us up for a prime time appearance of the real “F” word. Am I the only one who thinks THAT would be setting the bar too low for what’s acceptable on TV? 

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