Babel on in Babylon




Our church is currently involved in a great Bible study written and presented by Beth Moore, “Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophesy.” The first six weeks is about living in our modern day Babylon without getting caught up in it. During one of the sessions she read a wonderful poem written by one of the audience members, “Babel on in Babylon,”  that really illustrates the Babylon mentality in our culture. I looked online for the words and found it on another blog . Please check out Lynn’s blog, if she didn’t have it on her blog, I would have had to do the pause and play thing to get it down myself 🙂 . So, here it is,


Babel On in Babylon

Brimming closets, shoe racks bulge, one in every color, I’ll just indulge.
My wildest whim will oft be met, bigger, faster, give me, get.
Travel on in Babylon.
May I go first? Knew you’d not care, for my time’s precious. You’ve lots to spare.
I’ll slip in front and off I’ll go. See, I’m quite fast and well, you’re quite slow.
I and me fast friends, life-long.
Prattle on in Babylon.
Nip it here, just there a lift. I just turned forty, it was a gift.daniel
The eyes, the lips, the bosoms do, sculptured, lasered, injected, too.
No wrinkles left, the tummy’s gone.
Journey on in Babylon.
Enough of me, how do you view me?
You get one, but give me three.
I couldn’t bare to just say no, it’s my desire and rightly so.
Add another and on and on.
Shuffle on in Babylon.
No end in sight that I can see, today is blocked by the mirror in front of me.
A wreck, a death, tsunami tide, it mildly stirs me, I must confide.
TV claims tens of thousands gone.
Oh well, let’s see what else is on.
Numb to the stunning sight of each new dawn,
Sinking fast in Babylon.
Like a lobster in a pot who begins to like the water hot,
I’ve been duped, been tricked, been had, convinced that truth was somehow bad.
Evil, coddled and cooed and purred, and beckoned me and called and lured.
Now in a place with the lights turned on, I’m racing home from Babylon.
I’m racing home from Babylon.
–Lynn Parker

2 thoughts on “Babel on in Babylon

  1. I did this Beth Moore study one year ago. It was a very
    intense study. I learn so much from this study. The church I now attend may do this study . I would certainly love to be part of it . I think you can get even more from it the second time around. Plus I already have the book. 🙂

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