Season’s Over


Last week I turned the TV to the SciFi Network to catch Stargate Atlantis. only to realize the season had ended the week before. How did I not realize it? If I had only been aware I would have savored it more. Now what am I going to do for my Stargate fix? But wait, there’s a movie? Are you serious? stagate aotGet me to Best Buy, that’s another two hours of one of my favorite vises. 


 Stargate: Ark of Truth
Great movie. Well worth what I paid for it. If you’re a Stargate fan, don’t miss this one. The movie takes SG-1 deep into the heart of the Ori galaxy to the Ori home world.  It takes place between seasons 9 and 10, after they sent the weapon through the super gate to wipe out the Ori.


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