Getting Out of Debt

credit_0.jpgWhat if you owed $100,000 to credit cards. And what if the best job you could get was a part time minimum wage job because you had been convicted of a crime? You’re living with the folks because you barely make enough to pay the minimum due on the cards. You’ll never get out of debt, right?

Now what if someone came along and told you he wanted to pay your debt and wipe away your bad history so you could start a new life? And the only thing you had to do was trust that he wanted to do this for you because he loves you. Hard to believe right?

That’s exactly what Jesus did. He paid our debt of sin. He took it all to the cross and all He asks in return is that you trust Him, that you have faith in Him.

I can’t help but love a man like that. And trusting Him is the easiest thing I do everyday.

4 thoughts on “Getting Out of Debt

  1. Great post. How true. But many can’t except this gift. Some say it can’t be true or nothing is for free, there must be a catch….. Yes, there was a price paid and it was not free it cost Him everything so we can live with Him forever.
    It like an Uncle dieing and leaving you money in a different part of the states. First of all you have to have knowleadge that he left you money. Then you have to trust that the gift is waiting for you and go and receive this gift or it is serves no benifit to you. Same thing with Jesus we can have knowleadge of Him but if we don’t trust and receive Him it serves no purpose

  2. great post and commets !

    I think it all boils down to trusting Christ and His finished work. I know you may see me talking about baptism a bit much, but it’s only because it points to Christ. Like you stated it is about faith in Christ.


  3. Hi Randy,

    I think it was you on your site that said that baptism is an act of faith not works. Now that is something I can agree on.


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